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When it comes to using Microsoft Software they’re
really good tools to have at your fingertips, literally,
but to have to pay for them separately on rent them
on a yearly basis, like you do now, have you ever asked yourself WHY?

Well, if you have, you are definitely not alone with
this issue. Time was, when you purchased your pc
you also had included was Microsoft Software that
was a package deal of Microsoft Office Tools.

Remember that? It was just part of the deal, and
then that all changed. Seems as though Microsoft
got the bright idea to simply rent their software
on a yearly basis and they could basically sell the
same product to the same customer over and over
again. That sounds smart, but the consumers,
you and me, are smarter than the average software
giant and we can find suitable replacements.

Turns out, in many cases the free download
software alternatives can often times be a lot more
user friendly and provide more satisfaction in their

Open Source Software has some of the best tools
in the business of online operating systems and
programs. You just need to block out the name
branding of “Microsoft”, it’s just a name.

Think of it as a car manufacturer, look at how
many brands there are to choose from and virtually
every one of the choices gets you from point A to
B in the same amount of time and with the same
amount of comfort that you enjoy for the price,

I get that to each his/her own, but come on,
what sounds better to you; FREE DOWNLOAD
or Retail PRICE? That you pay every year for the
exact same service?

FREE Microsoft Word
FREE Microsoft PowerPoint
FREE Excel
FREE Photoshop
FREE Alternative Software

The choices for FREE Download Software
are virtually endless and for good reasons.
The developers of great and often better
operating systems come from first person
end users and that has to meet often times
much more strenuous and detailed
performance that satisfies the end user.

In order to share that learned system or
software, it is a lot easier to offer it for FREE
and let others enjoy it, use it, and share it
with others and not pay a premium for
the name of the FREE Download Software.

Alternative Software is far more entertaining
because you can learn something new and
usually better because the designer or
developer has seen the name brand stuff
and tried to improve on the application of it.

WORD, PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop
are all great tools, don’t misunderstand
our position on software, it is just not
always worth the price you pay when you
learn that there are FREE Downloads to
Open Source Software to accomplish the
same end results and once you’re done,
who ever ponders the results as; I wonder
what operating system or software they used?

That is, unless they are impressed with the
results to want to use the software for their
own projects and displays, hmmmm?

No Cost, No Trial, Legal, No Install Required! Find Out How . . .
 If you want to add Microsoft WORD for your pc follow the instructions in the video
 above and see if that will give you what you need in order to use Word for your


Free Microsoft Powerpoint
  D O W N L O A D

Free Alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint
is available and works smoothly with your Pc



  • Always do Research to find FREE Download Alternatives

  • Download from Respected Websites Check their Credits

  • CLICK the START button for Downloads

  • Accept the Downloads to Your Pc

  • Install Software that is free of malware to protect your Pc


Zoho Show

A Powerpoint Alternative

What about a FREE Powerpoint type alternative application that you
can collaborate with friends, co-workers, designers to create a much
more inter-active presentation, that will pull all the best ideas into one
finished presentation?

If that sounds like an excellent idea, then we’ve got a great tool that is
FREE and FUN to USE!

Zoho Show offers you the ability to share in the design and then
make available for presentations in your blog, forums, and websites
to really get your message to the masses.

Try Zoho Show Now! It’s FREE!




FREE Microsoft EXCEL



FREE Excel is about as good as it gets. So many offices across the globe are using
spreadsheets and by now, if you don't have Excel as part of your resume, then you are
destined to see others pass you by.

Having the same tools as your counterparts in the office at home on your personal pc
so that you can hone in on your skills is a given, right?

Paying for these online tools is not necessary and it's totally LEGAL! So what are you
waiting for? Get your pc loaded with the most essential tools you'll need to go to the
head of the class or office.



Top PhotoShop Alternatives



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