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How to See Youtube Competitor Meta Tags & Keywords

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Spying On Your Competition Can Help Your Video Rankings                   


How to Find Keywords used in Competitors' Youtube Videos to Improve Your Ranking Position








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If your video is lost on page 3 or page 50, you might as well forget
 any views to it. You must be on the first two pages of a Youtube list,
 that has your subject matter included or you’ll never receive the
 views you had hoped would gain you the exposure you are after.

 One very important step to take is to first decide what your video is
 about and do some serious research about what other videos from
 the same topic have been posted.

 You’ll want to notice the title of the video, word for word, and then
 see what the keywords that were used to help get the video a higher
 listing. So, how do you find the keywords used in a video already

 Funny you should ask, here is a neat trick your competition didn’t
 want you to know. Considering the fact that Youtube doesn’t let you
 see the keywords your competition used.






 - Go to and type in a keyword in your category of topics

 - Then, look at the top video that you see and open it

 - Somewhere on the page, not on the video, right click and a box
  will pop up

 - With the box open, choose ‘View Source’With the html page open
   now, hold the Ctrl or Control button on your keypad + ‘F’ key at the
   same time and a new box will pop up.

 - Type the word ‘keywords’ into that box and hit enter

 - Now move the box if you need to and you’ll see the highlighted
   word; Keywords shown in the html and it reveals the keywords
   used when the video was submitted.


   This will help you to see what keywords would be good to add to
    your video for better positioning in Youtube for your video before
    you upload it.

   Keep in mind the specific words you use in the title of your video are
   also a key part of positioning your video higher for more views.

   Don’t copy word for word the competitor’s title, this will defeat your
   efforts. Youtube will respect the first of that title over you. Add some
   other supporting words even if they are words like; ‘and, or, plus, 2,
   for, in, the, etc’.

   Another trick of the trade when it comes to better positioning your
   Youtube video upload is when you are creating your video and you
   save it to your files, label the video file with the same words as your
   title and this gives a double source of the keywords in your title,
   something that gives Youtube a recognition in your file source of the
   video, as well as the title.

   Its all in knowing tidbits like this that give you the advantages you
   otherwise would never know.


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