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 Mac screen capture is really not difficult if you follow this mac tutorial below. There are so many uses to know how to use snipping tool for mac. Mac screen capture and how to record your screen and audio will give you the tools to share or make use of them in your videos or Powerpoint presentation.



Snipping Tool for Mac





 How to Screen Capture on Mac

1. Press and hold down the Shift-Command-4 on your keyboard

2. A crosshair will appear on the screen

3. Move your mouse to the corner of the area you want to screenshot

4. Click that corner and hold down on the mouse, dragging it to the opposite corner.
    This will select the screenshot area

5. Release your mouse to take in the entire image area you want to screen capture

6. The captured screenshot will be saved on your desktop, then you can copy and save it to use as you want

7. You can find software tools online to make comments on or alter the image in other ways, such as size, shape, accents, etc.

Unlike Windows snipping tool download, using a Mac is bit different in how you screencast and capture screenshots on your personal Mac pc.

Screen capture for Mac will give you more use in capturing just the right images to better explain your homework or class project too. Remember what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. That alone is reason enough to learn how to record your screen.


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