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Windows 10 - Classic Shell and Windows Downloads are designed to make
the transition to the latest version of Windows as User friendly as possible


Free Windows 10 Upgrade - No Cost Required! Find Out How . . .
 If you want to upgrade Microsoft Windows 10 for your pc follow the instructions in the video above and see if that will give you what you need in order to use the latest Windows version on your personal pc. Windows 10 is the final version of Microsoft versions of
Windows. All other upgrades will be updates and that is a perfect reason to download
and install Windows 10 version soon if not today.


How To Install Classic Shell Start Menu On Windows 10

Many of you are like myself, and are not fond of the Windows 10
Start Menu and there are choices to change that to where
you can enjoy more of a Windows 7 style. So . . .
Watch the Video and learn how and where to download the
Open Classic Shell Start menu.


The latest Version of Classic Shell is Now Referred to
as Open Shell 4.4.143



  • Always do Research to find FREE Download Alternatives

  • Download from Respected Websites Check their Credits

  • CLICK the START button for Downloads

  • Accept the Downloads to Your Pc

  • Install Software that is free of malware to protect your Pc


Don't Like Windows 10?

You are like thousands of other Windows 10 users and you just don't prefer the format for Windows 10. You want your Windows 7 format
back and actually you can do that with a few clicks of the mouse and
download the tools to make it happen. Watch the Video Below for



Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 7


Who Says You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

The choices for FREE Download Software are virtually endless and for good reasons. The developers of
great and often better operating systems come from first person end users and that has to meet often
times much more strenuous and detailed performance that satisfies the end user.

In order to share that learned system or software, it is a lot easier to offer it for FREE and let others enjoy
it, use it, and share it with others and not pay a premium for the name of the FREE Download Software.

Alternative Software is far more entertaining because you can learn something new and usually better because the designer or developer has seen the name brand stuff and tried to improve on the application
of it.

WORD, PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop are all great tools, donít misunderstand our position on software,
it is just not always worth the price you pay when you learn that there are FREE Downloads to Open
Source Software to accomplish the same end results and once youíre done, who ever ponders the results
as; I wonder what operating system or software they used?

That is, unless they are impressed with the results to want to use the software for theirown projects and
displays, hmmmm?










Classic Shell

Classic Shell is a computer software suitable for Microsoft Windows 10 that provides the user with interface elements that are more familiar  features you've enjoyed and are more user friendly like the past versions of Windows you've had and want to bring forward.

Download Classic Shell from here

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FREE Microsoft PowerPoint
FREE Excel
FREE Photoshop
FREE Alternative Software



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